Episode Thirty-Six

The Date Safe Project with Mike Domitrz

 “Consent is a mutual, amazing experience.”



Mike Domitrz is a man on a mission to dramatically improve society’s approach to healthy dating and relationships by creating a better understanding of how consent is obtained in intimacy to prevent sexual assaults and rape.

“Are you asking the question in the first place that allows them to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ before it happens?” 

When his own family was impacted by sexual assault, Mike decided to make a difference, creating an engaging and entertaining program for schools called “Can I Kiss You?” which eventually evolved into The Date Safe Project

“When a partner tries to stop you, a lot of times the reaction is ‘why? Why don’t you wanna keep going?’”

In this episode, Mike shares his story and the mission of his organization, as well as the advantages and pitfalls of being a man working to find solutions to the problem of sexual assaults and rape. Gender and cultural norms are not inherently negative, they are tools that can be leveraged to transform intimacy and create healthy relationships.