Episode Thirty-Seven

Podcasting for Change with Marianne West from the Sustainable Living Podcast

“If we keep feeding the beast, the beast will get bigger. But it’s not gonna be transformative.”


Marianne West joins Judithe in this episode to discuss their own podcast paths, and their emergent plan for a community of podcasters focused on social change.

Judithe Registre moderated a panel on using podcasting for social change at Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim, California. Marianne was one of the five panelists and together they are building a community of like-minded podcasters and would-be podcasters. With support and strategies for building and growing your show as well as simple resources for those that haven’t taken the plunge because of the technical hurdles, this community aspires to be the engine of social change on a global level, that might begin in your very own neighborhood.

For more information, or if you want to join in this community you can contact Judithe at judithe@inclusivus.org or email Marianne at sustainablelivingpodcast@gmail.com