Changing lives through the Power of your voice and your story!

Inclusivus intensifies people’s power to inspire the action, investment and empathy needed in order to achieve economic and social equity. In an age of data and algorithms, we must proactively consider how our story shapes our perceptions, our reality, our access to opportunity and our place in the world.

Things don’t just get better, people like you make them better. At Inclusivus, we believe that power comes from within; others cannot bestow it upon us. In communities around the world, people are taking action in order to create change in their lives and communities. These people, like you, are InPowered and committed to creating a world where we all can be seen and heard. Investing in people and their proven solutions is not only sufficient but a necessary measure for addressing racial, gender and economic inequality. We believe that transforming the stories and narratives of inequity can fundamentally transform the outcome of philanthropy and social movements for a more equitable reality.

 Being “InPowered” starts from within. It’s that voice inside each and every one of us urging us to speak up, act out, and stand firm. Unlike being empowered, it’s not the primary result of someone else’s words or actions. Becoming InPowered requires activating the surge from within that continuously impacts our lives, families, and communities to bring about unified action.

At Inclusivus, we are catalyzing narrative justice through story equity as the next frontier of social change. We believe in the principle of InPowerment—that you and your story can change the world!


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