Episode Fifty-Four

Using Social Media for Social Change: What Will Be Your Legacy?

 "Through your social media engagement, you are shaping history and the narrative of change for future generations."

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In this episode, Judithe Registre responds to and reflects on the message of Joy Donnell, from Episode 53. In an era where media and technology have dominated every aspect of our lives, we must consider how these tools and services used to address the issues we care about. How intentional are we (or not) in our engagement with social media? With the use and application of data as a tool that informs and enables access to critical life information, it has transcended the luxury category and is a natural human right and need.

Judithe and Joy challenge us to consider the use of our own platforms and voices in both the analog and digital realm to advance the causes we believe in and are passionate about. Add your voice at inclusivus.org.

How do you see yourself leveraging social media intentionally to advance the issues and causes that you care about? What is your social media legacy? How are you shaping history for future generations with your social media engagement?

Listen to Episode 53 here.

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