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Why Inclusivus?

Inclusivus works with InPowered community members seeking to improve the social impact of their insights and efforts. Inclusivus works hand-in-hand with these self-elected men and women to advise them and help establish their positions as role models for community-driven change and progress. We differ from other organizations in that we recognize the power within these communities and act as the catalyst for impact.

Individuals make their communities rich. All of the resources that a community needs for success are, for the most part, already present within it.

At Inclusivus, we recognize this fundamental truth. That’s why we work, not in communities or for communities, but directly with communities to reinforce and promote their work. As these communities tap into the resources they already possess and channel their innovation and inspiration into workable, sustainable solutions to the problems that most deeply affect their lives, we amplify their impact to inform intervention.

We work under the belief that community members have the understanding and solutions to the problems their communities face. Donors, policymakers, and development practitioners should engage with communities to learn from them, leverage their assets and strengths, and build on successful practices in leading the way toward effective solutions to addressing poverty and inequality by investing their resources. This is a primary approach, not an afterthought or byproduct.


Partner with us. 

NGOs and Service Providers:
We collaborate with large and small non-profit organizations to help them understand and assess their work with communities by collecting people-scaled assessments of their social impact.

Donors, Philanthropists, and Impact Investors:
We collaborate with donors to make lasting, global impact by presenting opportunities to transform human lives on micro- and macro-sized scales. You can learn more about how to increase your influence and impact by collaborating with Inclusivus.

We collaborate with corporations seeking to make a sustainable impact on the lives of people and communities as a means for maximizing their profit. People-scaled impact leads to large-scale profits.

We collaborate with governments to enhance their opportunities for people-centered governance and economic growth.


Volunteer With Us.

The people in the communities with which we work have the firsthand experience to provide creative solutions for protecting those most at risk. They tend to produce extraordinary results through perseverance, ingenuity, and hope.  They have skills and resources that serve their communities on the long-term. Our organization inspires creativity, philanthropy, and optimism through shared stories of ordinary InPowered people who have achieved sustainable economic development in their lives and communities. We work so that these stories will inform public discourse, influence policy, and affect resource and service allocation.


 Work With Us.

At Inclusivus, we act as a catalyst for social change, and change comes directly from within communities themselves. Once community members identify the problems that need to be solved and the steps required to do so, Inclusivus reinforces those efforts through communication, marketing, mobilization, and coordination with organizations and individuals who are interested in supporting them.

There are no buy-ins. There are no major NGOs calling the shots. There are simply community members developing solutions and other parties helping them — no strings attached and nothing fishy, just InPowered individuals and communities growing stronger.