Episode Thirty-Eight

Preserving Culture through Video Games with Genii Games founder, Adebayo Adegbembo

“You learn to speak your native language at home, because that gives you a good sense of who you are.”


Language is a powerful tool, not only for communication and human relations, but also for providing a sense of identity and our place in the world. In this episode, Judithe is joined by Adebayo, the founder and lead programmer for Genii Games Limited, to discuss the power of language. Genii Games is at the forefront of using mobile apps and video games to foster a love of local culture, specifically native African languages.

Focused on children aged 2 through 12 no matter where they live, Genii's apps are intended to help reverse the declining interest in indigenous African cultural traditions and languages.

Find more about Adebayo and his work at geniigames.com.