Episode Thirty-Five

IntegrateNYC4Me with Sarah Camiscoli and Matthew Diaz

“Students should be the center, because they’re the ones going through it. The DOE does not go through what students go through.” –Matthew Diaz


New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, yet generations after Brown vs. Board of Education, many of the Big Apple’s schools remain hopelessly segregated by both race and class.

Matthew Diaz, Youth Director of National Outreach for the Committee on Resource Allocation for IntegrateNYC4Me, and his Executive Director, Sarah Camiscoli, are on the front lines of the issue of school equity, with Matthew currently a junior at The Bronx Academy of Letters. For the last two years, they’ve been working to have the needs of current and future students in New York and across the country heard and addressed to ensure an equitable education.

By listening to this episode, you will learn how Sarah, Matthew, and the network of people with whom they are working are employing new strategies to find solutions to an old problem.
To learn more and contribute to the efforts of education equity, check out the work of the organizations featured in this episode:
Integrate NYC4Me
Poverty and Race Action Research Council
The National Coalition on School Diversity