Episode Twenty-One

What Would God Do If…?: The Revitalization of The Black Church with Rev. Dexter Udell Nutall of New Bethel Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. 

“We consider the Church to be an institution, and it is indeed that. But I think when it’s most effective, it operates as a movement.”

Reverend Dexter Udell Nutall joins Judithe this week to discuss the historic and future importance of the church as a stabilizing factor and institution in the lives of African Americans. They discuss some of the root issues that have hindered the church in its mission and how Reverend Nutall and others like him are revitalizing and rebuilding the ties between church and community across generations and political lines.

From his childhood in the pews of New Bethel Baptist Church, to his days behind the pulpit now, Reverend Nutall has devoted his life to his community and his church. Hear his (in)powering and inspiring message of love, hope, optimism and the role of the church in supporting our aspiration for change and progress in this episode.

Find out more about Reverend Nutall and Bethel on their website.

“The mission requires relationships… Religion and relationship are two different things.”