Episode Twenty

Cultural Reconciliation in Papua New Guinea with Ruth J. Kissam

"That was the thing I think I remember so much about my childhood, that feeling of belonging, not to yourself, but to a group that is bigger than yourself, bigger than your family."


As the Director of Operations for the PNG Tribal Foundation, Ruth Kissam works to promote a culture of freedom and equality that encourages initiatives for women and girls in settlements to work in partnership with relevant stakeholders and better their lives. In this episode, Ruth discusses the state of PNG and the challenges her people face as they adapt quickly to the digital age.

Check out the work of the PNG Tribal Foundation at www.pngtribe.org. Their film, Senisim Pasin, is a culture-changing campaign that is pushing for gender appreciation. It will be showing in 89 districts and 22 provinces in Papua New Guinea.

"All this development has to be a bridge of what we are, what we used to be and what we want to be."