Episode Nineteen

Rethinking Toxic Masculinity with Tahir Anderson Duckett

“When you’re a boy, and you get this tiny sliver of the human experience, and that’s all you’re allowed to experience, that’s not free."


To achieve gender equality, we must reform the culture of masculinity that supports sexual violence. Sexual violence isn't inevitable. It's the result of a culture that doesn't clearly define consent. Too often, the extraordinary rate of violence against women is the result of a failure to teach men and boys how to talk about, think about, and treat women and girls. ReThink is dedicated to that mission of expanding the freedom of boys and girls, and men and women, to live the lives they want to live and escape the toxic gender stereotypes that our culture has perpetuated for too long.

Tahir and Judithe discuss the roles that religious organizations, school leaders, and other adults that care for and work with youth and adolescents can influence this discussion until the tide of our pop culture can also turn against these dangerous and pervasive negative portrayals of romance and sexuality. Find ReThink and more about Tahir on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeRethink/ or at their site: http://we-rethink.org