Episode Twenty-Two

Haiti Toward an (In)Powered Social Contract with Karl Jean Louis

"Those in power are those who used to be in civil society." 

In this episode of The Get InPowered Podcast, Judithe returns to her hometown to visit in person with Karl Jean-Louis. Karl is the Executive Director of OCAPH, the Observatoire Citoyen de l' Action des Pouvoirs Publics en Haiti, which works towards "less corruption, better governance, and a more open and free society" in Haiti in efforts to revamp and establish a social contract between the government and citizens for inclusive development and progress.  

Haiti's biggest hurdle to social economic development and progress is the lack of a social contract between the government and its citizens to ensure that space and opportunities are created for citizens to be heard. That is, not for the government to act as a voice for the so-called "voiceless," but to activate the voice of each individual. This is a necessary but unique approach for a country like Haiti.

In this episode, Karl and Judithe focus specially on OCAPH's efforts to build and strengthen a generation of young activists-turned-civil-servants that can carry on his and OCAPH's mission to its eventual success.

Find out more about Karl and the mission of OCAPH by visiting their website.

"Being a mediator, being a facilitator, it’s interesting and challenging because you have to have the trust of both sides.”