Episode Seven

A Ten-Point Plan for Global Women’s Rights with Mary Zeints

Mary Zeints discusses her life in South Africa and how it has shaped her struggle for human rights, especially women’s rights. She and Judithe discuss some “worst case scenarios” for the current American administration and how the lessons of history can inform our resistance. Mary dreams of a 10-point plan for women’s rights in the new international climate.

Highlights from this episode:

“[In South Africa], ordinary people were doing extraordinary things because they had such terrible leaders trying to do things they didn’t believe in.” - Mary Zeints

“You can have institutions, [but] you’re still reliant on individuals acting.” - Mary Zeints

“When people grow up in environments where those things [civil rights and civil responsibilities] are not taken for granted, they might be much more prepared to protect them and stand up for them.” - Mary Zeints

“The freedom and access to resources that women have is not only essential for the woman, but for her family, and her community and her nation!” - Mary Zeint.

“We’re talking about the very foundation of our society when we attack women’s wellbeing.” - Judithe Registre