Episode Eight

Revisiting the Women’s March: Unity and Collaboration through Uncertainty

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we bring you our final installment of coverage from the Women's March on Washington. This episode features comedian Sarah Jones, women's rights activists Lisa Schejola Akin, American expat Emily Miller, and citizen and friend, Kerrie Mitchell. We discuss the limit and privilege of white women's Individuality and black women’s solidarity in voting for Hillary, and the continuing quest to further human rights by securing women's rights through intersectionality.

Highlights from this episode:

“People need very simple, direct recommendations on how they can easily impact.” - Lisa Schejola Akin

“[The Women’s March] was just a show of solidarity among everyone. There was everybody represented there on the march.” - Lisa Schejola Akin 

“Four years can go by fast or it can go by slow. If you take action every single day right where you stand with the power you have in your community, it'll go by a lot quicker.” - Sarah Jones
“Who are you? I’m me. My mother always beams with pride when she shares the story of my identical twin sister and me looking in the mirror when we were two and answering her question (separately), ‘Who are you?’ with ‘I’m me.’” -Kerrie Mitchell

“As a person, I’ve had the privilege of being born female and white. We didn’t identify, we shouldn’t identify, by our race, our gender.” - Kerrie Mitchell

“For those of us who do not belong to the dominant group, we cannot afford to purely be individuals and think only about our personal lives. We tend to hold multiple realities and are able to simultaneously hold and understand the consequences of things on everyone.“ - Judithe Registre