Episode Six

Building Awareness and Tackling Domestic Violence with D’Annette Roy

In this episode, we speak with D'Annette Roy, producer of Spotlight: Domestic Violence, a documentary that raises awareness of the devastating impact of domestic violence in Prince George's County, MD. We discuss the roots and consequences of the domestic violence epidemic, and the steps that we as a society must take in order to change the paradigm and break the cycle of domestic violence.

Ms. Roy is using her skills not only to give back to her community, but to tackle complex and challenging issues that need attention. Domestic violence is such an issue, charged with complexity but necessary to unpack. It is an issue that is rarely given the urgent attention that it requires, so it is necessary for us to continuously bring it to light so that it can be addressed with appropriate measures. The health and wellbeing of women is intrinsically tied to the health and wellbeing of communities. 

Ms. Roy’s documentary, Spotlight: Domestic Violence has been submitted for consideration for a 2017 Emmy, Edward R. Murrow, and Telly Award.

You can view the documentary here:

Highlights from this week’s episode:

"Anyone who knows me knows I'm a strong women's advocate, but more than anything I'm a human rights advocate. . . Domestic violence is an epidemic of global proportion that must be addressed!" - Judithe Registre

"It is not normal to go out and hurt the person you love." - D'Annette Roy

"Whether you like it or not, domestic violence has to do with love." - D'Annette Roy