Episode Sixty-One


To make an impact and have influence, “find kindred spirits with differing views.”

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown of Carry On Friends

A life learner, storyteller, and founder of Carry On Friends, The Caribbean American Podcast, Kerry-Ann shares her story and experiences with Judithe Registre in this episode. From the unique challenges facing the Caribbean and those that originate from the islands, to the experience of producing high-quality audio to share that life and culture with the world, Kerry-Ann is the sort of voice we seek to amplify in our efforts to expand the narratives of our human experience.

‘When you see representation of yourself, you see what is possible.” –Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown

Carry On Friends is committed to equipping the world with diverse multidimensional perspectives of the Caribbean American experience. Kerry-Ann’s platform offers content that informs and inspires deeper understanding in building meaningful careers, strong brands, and businesses. Such resources enable the creation of transformative narratives of the Caribbean people in the diaspora and at home in the Caribbean region.

To find out more about Kerry-Ann and Carry On Friends, visit her site: http://www.carryonfriends.com/

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Episode Sixty


This long-awaited episode marks the return of the Get InPowered Podcast as Judithe responds to the message and work of Keshet Bachan-Dovrat highlighting the importance of putting anger or frustration into action, instead of letting it calcify.

Judithe also shares the latest info on her own journey and where the Get InPowered Community is headed next.

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Episode Fifty-Nine

Episode Fifty-Nine

Keshet Bachan says she's been a "practicing feminist" for around 14 years, but the seed of gender equality has been in her soul from the start. Originally born in Israel, Keshet now focuses on Diversity@Work a mission driven consulting firm she founded in May of 2018 to drive diversity, gender equality and inclusion.