Episode Sixty-Three


Owning Your Power, Recognizing Your Privilege - Building Personal Relationships with Judith Registre and Amy Fulford

When Amy founded enlightin 2005, she envisioned working with clients in a meaningful way and understood that a real partnership, not the typical consulting version, would help them create more value. She has helped clients reshape how they run the business by bringing input and insights that change the way they think about their business and industry. Amy understands different perspectives and involves people in being part of the solution. She’s able to look for commonalities among different ideas and finds ways to advance team thinking. She always has ideas but is ready to learn and adapt to every situation.

It’s that adaptation that forged her relationship with JuditheRegistre. She was drawn by the mission of Inclusivus and interested in growing that mission alongside Judithe. In this episode, we hear about the origins of that relationship, an outline of the next steps for Inclusivus and this partnership, as well as Amy’s unique perspective on power, privilege and personal relationships as the key to transformational societal change.

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