Episode Fifty-Nine

Privileged to Be Feminist with Keshet Bachan


"We don't reward anger in women. I find it really important to tell women, 'You can be a woman, and be angry at the same time.'"

Keshet Bachan says she's been a "practicing feminist" for around 14 years, but the seed of gender equality has been in her soul from the start. Originally born in Israel, Keshet now focuses on Diversity@Work a mission driven consulting firm she founded in May of 2018 to drive diversity, gender equality and inclusion.

"Reality requires a lot of negotiation."

As her father says, Keshet has "an overdeveloped sense of justice" that has enabled her to not only see the problems of inequality, but maintain the energy to continue to fight for justice. From her work "putting outrage into practice" with giant tech companies in Silicon Valley, to her own practices of checking her privilege by ensuring she's "carving space" for other voices, Keshet is ensuring that the next generation of activists are even more "InPowered" than her own.