Episode Sixteen

Life After Hate with Christian Picciolini (Part 2)

"We need to talk about prevention, not just intervention. [...] The people in power, who typically end up being white males, tend to prescribe the solutions they think are best for people. And oftentimes those are ill-advised or ill-informed and certainly have a certain agenda to them."

This week, we conclude our conversation with Christian Picciolini. A leader of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups in his youth, Christian now works as an ambassador to help members of those communities transition out of hate and violence and return to the broader community.

"I had to be vulnerable. […] When I found the courage to do that is when I really discovered my inner power and began to share my story."

The Get InPowered Podcast is about solutions and progress. In this episode, we focus on both. Christian identifies opportunities and actionable moments to stem the tides of hatred and violence and form a more understanding and effective global community. Through this episode, we can recognize our power as citizens and our collective humanity.

"We need to recognize that things must become equal if we’re going to be equal and free."