Episode Seventeen

Fostering Black Political Power with Stefanie Brown James (Part 1)


"I decided to attend Howard University in DC because I thought, and still believe,that it's the Mecca of Black education."

In this episode, Judithe is joined by Stefanie Brown James, Co-Founder of The Collective PAC, to discuss the fostering and reinforcement of Black political power in the United States. From her education at Howard University, to her time with the NAACP, to her current role with The Collective, there are few people better positioned to have this discussion. She is a social and political change designer and strategist, working to give meaning to hope by creating opportunities and options for the black community to lead and represent itself. 

Judithe and Stefanie talk about the issues of overcoming a political system in which 90% of elected officials and 95% of prosecutors are white males. Sometimes the biggest hurdle to Black candidacy isn’t money or interest, but the fact that we don’t see ourselves as the "kind of people" who get elected.

With the activism and energy that the Trump administration has created, this is a moment too good to pass up. Join The Get InPowered Podcast and The Collective PAC in taking action that can help advance every citizen's struggle for justice and equality.

"People want to see change actually happen. They don't want to hear it talked about, they want to see it happen."