Episode Forty-Four

How To Design Diversity and Equity with Antionette Carroll of Creative Reaction Lab


"You're really just the total of other people's biases."

What do you think of this idea and how it impacts how you move in and through the world? What opportunities are available to you if you are the total of other people’s biases? These are pivotal questions to unpack.

Antionette Carroll, our guest on today's show, seeks to find answers to these complex questions by designing creative solutions through human connection to tackle what she calls chronic racial oppression.

Antionette Carroll is the Founder, President and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, a nonprofit social enterprise that educates, trains and challenges cities to co-create solutions with Black and Latinx populations to design healthy and racially equitable communities.

"When we work together, we build together."

The pioneer of a new form of creative problem solving called Equity-Centered Community Design, Antoinette talks about her career and her work for social justice, human rights, diversity, and inclusion. A social entrepreneur, non-profit leader, and design activist, Antionette's personal mission in life is to CHALLENGE standards, make CHANGE, and CHAMPION approaches resulting in foundational and community impact.

To learn more about Antoinette and the Creative Reaction Lab, visit http://www.creativereactionlab.com