Episode Thirty-One

Advocating for Life in Washington, D.C. with Christie Gardner

“I choose to make a difference because I know all too well what it's like to struggle. I have been homeless.”

Christie Gardner is an everyday leader and activist finding ways to ensure those in her community are supported and have access to opportunities. She keeps her hands, head, and heart in her community by helping others, organizing, informing, and encouraging the youth, women, elderly, and those most vulnerable to help them avoid the pitfalls of life in the nation’s capital.

“This is the nation’s capital. There shouldn’t be a crisis of homelessness.”

Christie is impassioned about stopping and overturning gentrification. Focusing on three primary aspects of D.C. residents’ lives—employment, housing, and healthy food—Christie is trying to improve the lives of some of the most overlooked residents in Washington at a time when so many are at risk of being displaced due to changes in the housing market.

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