Episode Twenty-Eight

Building Indonesian Youth Through Sustainable Farming

“You cannot be harping on what you did before, or what you WERE, OR WHAT YOU are, you just have to look at the situation and decide what you could be.” –Gouri Mirpuri

“Wherever I go, I create a little bit of trouble.” –Gouri Mirpuri 

Gouri Mirpuri creates just the right kind of trouble wherever she goes, and today she and Judithe are stirring up some together.

As Gouri puts it, she is working constantly to "make a better world for other people. Using my position, using my skills, using everything that I have, to break silos, to bring people together, to make good happen." As co-founder of The Learning Farm and wife of Singapore’s ambassador to the United States, Gouri has some fantastic stories about her travels and career. 

In today’s episode, Gouri talks about The Learning Farm and its efforts in Indonesia to aid struggling youths by engaging them in farming and teaching them environmentally sustainable farming practices. Through the curriculum’s three focal areas—the heart, the head, and the hands—The Learning Farm is rebuilding people who will rebuild their nation and world. The young people in Indonesia deserve opportunities to gain skills and build better lives for themselves and their communities.

“Unfortunately, I feel like these kids didn’t fail the educational system, the education system actually failed them—failed to teach them any of these life skills that were so important.” –Gouri Mirpuri

Find out more about The Learning Farm here: http://www.thelearningfarm.com/