Episode Twenty-Six

‘A Window to the World': Technology and Emerging Economies with Adi Abili

“Without internet access, it’s very difficult for you to start a business... even more than a physical location, it’s having access to the internet, because that’s your access to the world.”

Judithe is joined in this episode by Adi Abili, Managing Director of Accelerators at AngelHack. Adi and Judithe crossed paths at the Haiti Tech Summit, where Adi was a speaker. In this episode, their conversation focuses on the power and importance of technology in balancing the global economic scales.

“What you really need is buy-in. More than the actual technology itself is the buy-in of the people who can make the changes.”

From quality of life, economic opportunities, and even slowing the rate of immigration, the spread of technology is a theoretical panacea for the problems of the Developing World. With political and corporate partnerships, a future where technology is used to improve the worldwide human condition is not only possible but profitable!

“It’s so much easier for us to travel, and therefore people are a lot more comfortable moving from place to place [...] more than just seeing a place, it’s now about wanting to experience that place too.”