Episode Four

Global Women’s March: What’s Next? Intersectionality Is the Way Forward

In this episode, Judithe brings us back to the Global Women’s March in D.C. We hear from comedian and artist, Sarah Jones; Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood; Linda Sarsour, one of the driving forces behind the Women's March movement; Kimberle Crenshaw of the African American Policy Forum; and Andrea Cristina Mercado of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. We also continue our discussion of the global ramifications with Emily Miller, an American living abroad in the UK. Feminism IS an intersectional movement, and fostering community is our way forward. This is a movement of movements.

"We are here to reclaim what progressive patriotism, 'matriotism,' looks like in our own authentic voices!" - Sarah Jones

"Either you’re moving towards openness and being together, tolerance, or you’re moving the other way." - Emily Miller

"I marched today for many reasons, not least of which [is] because this is what my mama taught me to do." - Cecile Richards

"If you're not intersectional, I'm not organizing with you!" - Linda Sarsour

"When you’re not in the room, who’s in the room for you?" - Kimberle Crenshaw

"When I say I’m an intersectional feminist, it’s not so much an identity-- it’s a practice, it’s a commitment. It’s a commitment." - Kimberle Crenshaw