Episode Forty-Two

Preparing for The Climb with American Koko’s Diarra Kilpatrick


A native Detroiter, Diarra Kilpatrick is an accomplished actress, writer and producer who is finally beginning to get her due from mainstream audiences and outlets. In this first episode of Season Two of The Get InPowered Podcast, Diarra discusses how the "business" of show stood in her way to success, as she hungered for meatier roles, more challenging work and a truer artistic expression.

So she did it herself.

"I just asked myself, what if Scandal lost its budget?"

From the creation of American Koko as a "bootleg" version of "Scandal without a budget," to the launch of her new pilot, The Climb (available now viewing and voting on Amazon!), Diarra shares her story of InPowerment and artistic growth, as well as her unique take on race relations and the current racial climate in America.

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Be sure to vote for The Climb on Amazon.com, and check out the first two seasons of American Koko on ABC.com.