Episode Forty

One Love for Math Education with Linda Bailey-McWeeney

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the kids...you just have to find the right teacher!” 


Linda Bailey-McWeeney is a Jamaican educator and economist based in New York. Since 2015, she’s been engaged with educators about the status of math education in Jamaica, specifically the fact that many low-income students are not receiving the education they deserve. The problem isn’t just a lack of education for students, but a basic lack of confidence and training among educators. 

“They’re staying in Jamaica...they care so much about these kids...I’ve met teachers there that are giving everything to these kids.”

That’s why Linda founded the Reggae Math Foundation—because children are capable of much, much more. Linda aims to solve the long-term issues related to math education in Jamaica and ultimately address issues of economic development.

In this first episode of our two-part conversation, Linda gives us her own background and lays out the problems Jamaican students (and impoverished students all around the world) face, particularly when it comes to math education.

Find out more about Reggae Math and Linda by visiting www.reggaemathfoundation.org.