Why Inclusivus?

Inclusivus works with InPowered community members seeking to recreate impact by getting heard. Inclusivus works hand in hand with these self-elected men and women to advise them and establish them as role models for community-driven change and progress. We differ from other organizations because we recognize the power within these communities and simply act as a catalyst for impact.

For us, it's the individuals that make a community rich. Most communities fail to realize that they are made up of hundreds or thousands of individuals who are capable, smart, inspiring, motivated and innovative. All the resources that a community needs for success are, for the most part, already within it.

At Inclusivus, we recognize this. That’s why we work directly with communities--not in communities or for communities. We show these communities how to tap into the resources that they already have and channel their innovation and inspiration into workable, sustainable solutions for whichever problems most deeply affect their lives.


Partner with us. 

For Corporations

We collaborate with corporations seeking a sustainable impact on the lives of people and communities as a means to maximize profit. People-scaled impact leads to large-scale profit.

For Government

We collaborate with governments to enhance opportunities for people centered governance and economic growth.



Volunteer With Us.

The people in the communities in which we work live in unbelievable circumstances, yet they still produce extraordinary results through perseverance, ingenuity, and hope. Our organization inspires creativity, philanthropy, and optimism through the shared stories of ordinary InPowered people who have achieved sustainable economic development in their lives and communities. We work so these stories influence, policy and resource allocation.


 Work With Us.

At Inclusivus, we are catalysts for change and change comes directly from communities, not outside sources. Once community members identify the problems they will solve and the steps they will take to do so, Inclusivus (lobbies) to othe organizations and individuals who are interested in helping them.

There are no buy-ins. There are no major NGOs calling the shots. There is just community members developing solutions and other parties helping them. No strings. Nothing fishy. Just empowered individuals and stronger communities.