The Haitian CEO Podcast

Co-hosted by Judithe Registre and Karl Jean-Louis


About the podcast

We’re taking you on a trip to Haiti unlike anything you’ve ever experience before. We’ll give you a whole new lens through which to view Haiti and what is possible there. Within the Haitian CEO Podcast, we speak with leading CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, academics, philanthropists, impact investors, and many more of the brightest minds in Haiti. Get access to business opportunities in Haiti along with deep understanding of the challenges from those leading business innovation in the country.

In a country like Haiti, entrepreneurs and businesses play an essential role in addressing environmental, social, and governance challenges. The Haitian CEO Podcast features conversations with leaders who are optimizing Haiti's potential to accelerate the country's progress using their power, resourcefulness, creativity, and ingenuity to lead Haiti into a new future. 


Why this Podcast?

Achieving economic growth that will fuel development is, without question, the most viable and sustainable route to a stronger, thriving Haiti.  Haitian businesses leaders are solving Haiti’s most complex social and political challenges. The Haitian CEO Podcast shines light on them and their business. This podcast is part of a larger movement to transform Haiti and its citizens by amplifying, mobilizing, and harmonizing Haiti’s entrepreneurial ecosystem while also changing the global perception of Haiti. 

The Haitian CEO builds upon the French and Haitian Creole content of a popular show, Sa Se Biznis Pam in Haiti, adapting the showcase of Haitian business solutions to Haiti’s challenges for global English speakers (primarily in the US with an audience of other business leaders, the Haitian diaspora, and those invested in Haiti’s development and progress). 

In these times of political, social, and environmental challenges, it is essential that we gather insights from local entrepreneurs and business leaders to strengthen human and financial capital and create community-driven, innovative solutions that are context specific while advancing on new approaches..

Expand your knowledge and understanding on issues such as capacity building, skilled labor, education, job creation, social services, climate change, policy, infrastructure, transportation, access to capital, government policies, foreign and diaspora investment, trade and much more

Conversations will address the ways in which a deeper sense of leadership commitment and drive to advance Haiti are transforming how business leaders see themselves and their role in improving Haiti for people, purpose, and profit.

Get ready to experience Haiti and explore the country’s potential with The Haitian CEO podcast.


About the Hosts

Judithe Registre, Creator and Host

Judithe is the Founder and Chief Narrative Officer of Inclusivus. A lifelong social entrepreneur and change agent, she is fascinated by the movement of money to shape development and progress. With a deep sense of justice, she believes that understanding wealth is key to understanding poverty in an effort to achieve equality and equity. She is an economic activist and narrative justice catalyst working to support economic change that benefits everyone, without exception. Judithe’s work and travels have taken her in over forty countries on five different continents. In addition to hosting the Haitian CEO Podcast, she is the Host and Creator of The Get InPowered Podcast and an investor in Cafe Du Pain Bakery. She is thrilled to be working with Karl Jean-Louis and the inspiring CEOs and business leaders featured on The Haitian CEO podcast. You can follow Judithe on Twitter @Judithe.Registre.

Karl Jean Louis, Host and Director

Karl is the founder of Sa se Biznis Pam. A strategic innovator with over two decades of experience on delivering complex development programs in countries in transitional and post crisis stages, including Haiti, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, and Uganda, Karl works at the intersection of the public sector, private sector, and civil society.

Karl has hands-on experience with governance programs, specifically conflict management, civil society strengthening, grant management, institutional reforms, anti-corruption, and administration of justice, among other areas. He has lead various multi-million dollar programs sponsored by the United Agency for International Development (USAID), the Belgium Technical Cooperation (BTC), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). 

He returned to Haiti in 2007 to implement a USAID-funded civil society strengthening program. Following the 2010 earthquake, he founded and led the Haiti Aid Watchdog/OCAPH, an organization that monitored the impact of humanitarian assistance and the Public Sector of Haiti.  From 2011 to 2014, Mr. Jean-Louis joined the Martelly administration. Initially, he was appointed as the first Executive Director of the Presidential Public Policy Unit and later Executive Director of the Council for Economic Growth and Investment, General Director of the Center for the Facilitation of Investments, and Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.

After launching OCAPH’s major citizen engagement and advocacy program using cell phone technology to implement a successful citizen poll during flagday and a crowdsourcing citizen monitoring the legislative elections, Karl drew from his vast experience to leverage the role and opportunity of the private sector and drive Haiti’s progress by establishing Sa Se Biznis Pam. The Haitian CEO is Karl’s brain child to expand and engage the Haitian Diaspora and the international community on the incredible opportunity of Haiti’s private sector and ultimately to drive economic change through investment. You can find Karl at Sa SE Biznis Pam@sasebiznispam