The Problem

Most major organizations fail to recognize the people who live in these communities as capable, skilled human beings who can contribute not only to their own successes, but also to the successes of humanity as a whole. This misconception leads to confusion and a skewed understanding of what communities need, which leads to organizations offering solutions often are not long lasting.

Our Solution

At Inclusivus, we operate under a simple but radical motto: Listen first.

We give  community representatives the opportunity to speak for themselves and to act on their own behalf. We enable them to build their own futures, equip them with the tools and resources to do so, and then network on their behalf. That’s it.

We help ensure that the global community recognizes these men and women not only as human beings but as problem solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and global citizens whose insights and skills can help make the world better for everyone.

All decisions come directly from local men and women, and we never take action or make decisions that do not come directly from community members.

Because all progress is the direct result of community members’ efforts, power remains in their hands, which not only ensures that they will be proud of themselves and their homes, but also that they will be able to sustain these successes for years to come.