When I was 8 years old, I was told to stop playing and go wash clothes.  Before turning to go, I noticed that the boys kept on playing. Their parents never asked them to do chores or clean clothes.

This was not unusual for girls growing up in Haiti. And yet, I couldn’t help but ask: why? Why should I wash their clothes and mine? Why do I have to stop playing when they get to keep going? None of it seem to make sense. And, when the reply came to "do as I as was told", I continued to rebel. I said no, that I wouldn’t leave. The idea simply did not resonate with me. And, to this day all the injustices that keep communities, cultures and people divided still do not make sense to me. I have always wanted us to live in a more inclusive world. And now, Inclusivus, takes actions every day that make communities stronger and help InPowered individuals find their voice the create impact and lasting change.

For me, justice started with standing up for myself, being mindful and intentional, and working to be fair and just.  Now, my goal is to continually deepen my understanding of social systems, the forces that shape the system, and the interplay between institutions and individuals. When it “can’t be done,” I look for why. I look for a different route to make the impossible possible. There is always room for change. When social systems fail to make things better, individuals have to find a way to do it ourselves. And we can. Through unity, ingenuity, and determination.  

And, I hope you will join us.



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